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MBEC’s core values are:


Integrity to provide, accurate, unbiased, independent, science-based advice and reporting following a best practice approach to advice on nature conservation related legislation and policy.

Quality to provide a professional, transparent, cost-effective and timely service to our clients by a team of qualified and experienced ecologists.

Teamwork MBEC encourages an interesting, dynamic, team-working environment, with clearly defined career progression and CPD objectives, to maintain a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

Introduction to MBEC

MBEC was established in Edinburgh in 2003 by two experienced ecologists, Andy Mackenzie and Paul Bradshaw. The consultancy now comprises a team of dedicated and professional ecologists with a range of specialisms, experience and backgrounds in ecological and biological research, working for nature conservation NGOs and Agencies and in consultancy.

The MBEC team has over 100 years of collective experience with an in-depth and practical knowledge of ecological science, wildlife & nature conservation legislation, policy in Scotland and the rest of the UK and its application in the development planning process. MBEC consultants are frequently asked to apply this knowledge and experience to advise our public and private sector clients and to liaise on their behalf with statutory agencies, other organisations and planning authorities on a wide range of projects.

For all our projects MBEC’s key objectives are:


To respond to our clients’ requirements with accurate, impartial advice and reporting informed by an up-to-date understanding of nature conservation and ecological sciences, and wildlife and habitats legislation / policy


To provide pragmatic and cost-effective services, delivered within budget and on-time; and


To provide added-value by keeping closely informed of upcoming changes to natural heritage legislation and policy, providing current best-practice approaches to survey, assessment and mitigation.